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    Powering Communities, Empowering People

    Electricity 4 Everyone (E4E) is a global not-for-profit social enterprise founded on the principle that by accelerating access to affordable electricity we can help stimulate economic growth and radically improve the quality of life for people in developing economies.

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Support E4E projects and make a tangible and timely difference to a marginalized community with an inadequate supply of electricity. Follow the impact of your investment and see how facilitating affordable electricity for everyone can positively impact the daily lives of individuals, communities and entire regions.

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We realize the biggest hurdle for power project developers is economic feasibility. E4E will make seven year commitments to fund viable developments and subsidize electricity rates for qualified power generating projects, thereby enabling developers to deliver electricity to communities at a reasonable cost.

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Positive and proactive relationships with international governments are vital to building prosperity from the local level up. E4E is a global company that emphasizes community involvement and empowers local people; citizens will own equity in projects and be taught applicable, transferable, teachable job skills.

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Access to affordable electricity is the fundamental driver of economic growth and the key to improving living conditions. Reliable, affordable electricity lays the foundation for long-term prosperity - it enables schools and clinics to function, and acts as the catalyst for profitable production-based economies.
  • The world needs growth and prosperity right now. There are hundreds of stalled power projects due to the funding gap that E4E will directly address, and solve, by properly allocating funds to these projects. Please join our movement.

    Joel Strickland