Electricity 4 Everyone is a social movement designed to empower people in developing communities through the provision of affordable electricity.  Our initial focus is on Liberia, Sierra Leone and Haiti.  The E4E movement is global in scope and impact, but specifically local in deployment.

E4E brings international funding, expertise and project process know-how to the aid of local host governments and interested power project developers, supplying a critical and novel block of funds to accelerate the viability of power generation projects in areas whose inhabitants do not have access to a reliable supply of electricity.

E4E brings together project developers, government and policy makers, funding bodies and communities to undertake power generation projects of manageable scope and scale.  Engaging only in smaller scale regional projects permits E4E to more easily accommodate local circumstances and to overcome bureaucratic hurdles, thereby increasing the likelihood of success through each stage of every project: from design to implementation to measurement.  Smaller projects also mean that project funders and government sponsors will quickly see the impact of their investment on the lives of community members.

Use of Funds

E4E funding will be directed to three main areas:

  1. Support the development of national domestic energy policies and the institutions that implement such policies in countries where E4E is active
  2. Originate new localized power generation projects, or evaluate existing underfunded projects in E4E countries, working with qualified power project developers, government and local communities
  3. Fund power projects to minimize the price of electricity for local households and local businesses by enabling consumers in these markets to pay a rate for electricity that approximates average G20 rates (approximately USD $0.10/kWh)

Access to affordable electricity is THE fundamental driver of economic growth and the key to improving living conditions.  Reliable, affordable electricity lays the foundation for long-term prosperity.  It is a necessary precursor of, and catalyst for, profitable production-based economies.

Affordable Electricity

For selected projects, E4E will provide a 7 year commitment of funds that will cover the difference between the price that a project developer would need to charge its customers in order to profitably develop and commission the power plant (approximately USD $0.35/kWh) and the price that consumers in developed markets pay (minimum target is USD $0.10/kWh).  Without exception, the prosperity of G20 nations depended upon reliable access to affordable energy sources.  E4E’s ability to make energy generation projects in developing countries a commercially viable reality will provide affected communities with unprecedented opportunities for economic advancement.

The world needs growth and prosperity right now.  Affordable electricity can and will increase prosperity in developing communities and create better lives for community members.  Growth in developing economies benefits developed economies as well.  Electricity 4 Everyone is leading the charge.  Join us!