Our vision is to provide affordable electricity for communities in every developing nation around the world.  Our vision is both global and local.  It is epic and far-reaching, and it can change the lives of billions of people in developing countries.

Electricity fuels light so that children can do homework at night.  Electricity provides refrigeration so that hospitals can store medicine and perform surgeries.  Electricity charges batteries so that people can use technology.  Electricity is power.

Our vision is built on the belief that progress is a series of many small wins.  To achieve our international goal, we must apply our focus to a few countries.  Progress has been made in Liberia, Sierra Leone, where we have contact with the Ministers in charge of electricity and Haiti, where there is an immediate, urgent need.

It will take a great team of galvanized funders, developers, governments and champions to realize the vision of electricity for everyone, but the positive impact of E4E will be unquestionable and in full view of the world.  Your help is needed.  Please join our movement.



  • Raise USD $5 million in working capital
  • Recruit and hire key leadership and staff to advance E4E projects
  • Formalize the plan, process, and goals with government Ministers and other key stakeholders representing Liberia, Sierra Leone and Haiti


  • Identify, vet and commit support for power projects totaling a minimum of 10 mW
  • Funding goal is USD $87.5 million