Electricity 4 Everyone is a not-for-profit organization committed to expediting the delivery of reliable and affordable electrical supplies to developing communities around the world. E4E is currently focused on Liberia, Sierra Leone and Haiti, but will respond to international development proposals.  We are here to help developers overcome a major hurdle in getting to financial closure.  E4E will make 7 year commitments to fund a certain capacity utilization rate and a certain price per kW hour to selected projects so that consumers can pay less, and commercial lenders and investors earn the returns they require in order to support your project.

How do we do it?

We facilitate development by subsidizing electricity rates for qualified power generating projects, thereby enabling you, the developer, to deliver electricity to communities at a rate they can actually afford.  For example, in considering a given project you may discover that build costs would approach profitability only at a charge to consumers of USD $0.35/kWh, but at that price no market exists due to limited average household incomes.  Delivering at USD $0.10/kWh however, is a price point that would see positive community uptake, but that USD $0.25/kWh differential is a seemingly insurmountable hurdle.  E4E’s goal is to resolve this conundrum by subsidizing suitable projects with both term and utilization commitments so that the financial viability of project development is reasonably assured.  Electricity 4 Everyone will also work with host country policy makers to help shape domestic energy policies that promote a focus on sustainability and a preference for renewable energy sources.

Preference will be given to projects that use renewable, local sources of energy; biomass is preferred.  However, we also understand that in some situations renewables may not be feasible so, rather than deny communities electricity, we would consider a project that proposed a clear path toward switching to a renewable program within a reasonable time frame.

Contact us now to see how we can assist with your international development plans.  Your partnership is integral to our collective ability to provide electricity for everyone.  Progress is happening right now.  Please get involved and join us!