Supporting E4E projects gives you the chance to make a tangible and timely difference to one or more communities that are marginalized due to inadequate supply of electricity.  A key component of E4E’s value proposition lies in accelerating the provision of affordable, consistent power to developing communities through engaging in projects of manageable scale and scope.  This means you will actually have a chance to witness the impact that your investment is having on the lives of individuals and communities and, eventually, entire regions.

Without adequate electrical supply, the technological gap between developed and developing countries only widens, and the “rich get richer” mentality prevails.  Imagine helping to break this cycle by enabling a mother to read at night to her child in their home, ensuring a school can hold evening classes, or providing the necessary prerequisite for bringing computers and the internet to these remote regions.

How does it work?

The costs for developers to bring commercially viable electricity projects to communities in Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Haiti are extremely high – developers would need to charge rates that would be unaffordable for the vast majority of households and businesses in target communities.  Electricity 4 Everyone will bridge this commercial disconnect by subsidizing the rates paid by local households and businesses so that local electricity rates are comparable to those found in North America.  Directing funds towards an E4E project means helping to be a catalyst for change.  It’s providing the seed capital for an asset that will pay dividends in the community forever – a community of which you will now have become a member.

Proving the economic feasibility will motivate governments to build the infrastructure and domestic energy policies to support power generation projects in their communities.  In countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone, country-wide electricity distribution is also integral to national security and is essential to the ability of those countries to maintain peace and productivity.

Projects under consideration will be scrutinized for investment viability by E4E’s experienced management team to ensure that each project is suitable for the unique challenges presented by this landscape.  Specific attention will be paid to the entire community ecosystem, which goes beyond the dollars and cents and requires analyzing available renewable resources, current infrastructure, human capital, and more.  Each community will present its own unique set of challenges, and E4E has the experience and knowledge to ensure that funds are directed where, when, and how they should be.

Please help us transform and empower communities that are marginalized by inadequate electricity.  Your financial support is vital to the success of this campaign.  Get in on the ground floor of this global movement and join us now!