How can I help?


E4E will work with corporations, governments, foundations, grant-makers, philanthropists and other entities that are able to commit funds in support of E4E’s goals of facilitating power projects in developing countries that are commercially viable for developers and which will lead to affordable electricity for local households and businesses.

Financial support for E4E projects gives you a platform to transform marginalized communities in the most fundamental way.  The vast majority of international development aid in health care, education and other valuable areas is dependent upon access to affordable electricity.  E4E’s value proposition lies in accelerating the provision of affordable electricity into markets that would otherwise go without it or be forced to pay unaffordable rates that stifle economic growth.

Without adequate electrical supply, the technological and lifestyle gap between developed and developing countries only widens. E4E intends to be a foundational base for all of the wonderful programs that so many worthy organizations are working hard to deliver every day.  Together we want to help enable a parent to read at night to his/her child in their home, ensure a school can hold evening classes, provide a necessary prerequisite to bringing computers and the internet to these remote regions and, of course, to stimulate local business and commercial enterprise.

We invite you to work with us in a funding capacity, please contact us now.


E4E is a not-for-profit social enterprise, not a registered charity, and as such cannot offer tax receipts though we may work with charities in the future.

E4E will be establishing a crowd funding-style mechanism where individuals can get involved and make financial contributions.

We will enable individual donors to support:

  1. the whole E4E concept;
  2. a specific country; or
  3. a specific power project.

We will announce projects as they are approved.  We will be specific about how we fund our projects.  We will publish project-specific financial requirements and funding opportunities on our website and other media.  Please stay tuned for details!