Positive and proactive relationships with governments of countries in which E4E operates are vital to achieving the common goal of accessible and affordable electricity for households and businesses.  We understand that we are a guest in these countries, and E4E places paramount importance on respecting local customs and local culture while at the same time being completely transparent and accountable to our funders and stakeholders.

E4E is an innovative financial program that aims to effectively and efficiently support governments in developing countries with their goals of providing electricity to all of their citizens.  At a consumer rate of USD $0.10/kWh, opportunities for economic and social advancements would be revolutionary and unprecedented.  As small- and medium-sized businesses grow with affordable electricity, broader economic growth will occur and the demand for electricity will increase which will then naturally decrease unit costs.

Electricity is what powers schools, hospitals, and technology – it’s the key, fundamental driver to improved quality of life.  Providing this basic amenity for all communities and passing policies that enable energy development are integral to national economic health and growth.

We work with the governments of these frontier nations to positively impact their communities throughout the power project development stages.  We emphasize local involvement and empower local people.  These citizens will be taught applicable, transferable, teachable job skills.  We are a global organization focused on building prosperity from the local level up.